radioBob has been a co-host of On the Media since 2001. But his radio career began in 1986, as a roving features correspondent for All Things Considered on NPR.  For a dozen years he hit the road foraging for American idiosyncracies — the beginning of his now 35-year-long search for searchers of identity. Here is a small portion of his harvest:

The Quixotica Trilogy
Bowling in the White House.  A parable of political influence. (14:21)

Tag, You’re It (Part I). Bob resolved to become a country music legend — and see if he didn’t. Part I. (16:03)

Tag, You’re It (Part II). The continuation of Bob’s discovery of the Nashville country music scene. Part II. (8:33)

The Next Casablanca. Bob’s undertakes to save Hollywood soul. (22:06)

Some Other Things Considered
No Ordinary Pig. The Ballad of Jeffrey Jerome. (10:22)

Shoeless in Santa Fe. Bob visits the New Age mecca looking for “weird stuff.”  He does not fail. (16:51)

Earthworm Growers Wanted. Bob visits Worm King Hy Hunter, who comes out of retirement to save/scam the world. (22:33)

The Numbers Man. Bob’s year-long journey into the memory of messianic ice-cream-truck driver and mad genius, Norman Bloom. (22:49)

How Much is that Doggie in the Window? Roving correspondent Bob Garfield travels to Korea for lunch. (7:48)

“Drivetime” with Bob Garfield. Bob auditions for a position as a talk-show host. (10:54)