the truth song

Democracy, and simple human interaction, have become increasingly corrupted by Big Lies — about elections, about climate, about Covid, about Jewish space lasers, you name it.  What can we do about it?

Well, we can honor truth, and try to establish it as a baseline for all human interaction. In service of that idea, as soon to be documented on Bully Pulpit, I’ve been collaborating with singer/songwriters Curtis Stigers and David Poe on a song titled “All That is True.” It remains a work in progress. And so is my quixotic scheme for Phase 2 of this exercise: turning our song into the  “We are the World” anthem for the Post-Truth Age by having it interpreted by many artists in their own style along the way to blanketing the world of digital music distribution.  So, yes, like “We are the World,” but also like ALS Ice Bucket Challenge — one rendition building on another and another, casting countless beams of light into the darkness.

Watch this space. It could happen.